The Functional Bodybuilding Kickstart Program

  • Do you want to look your summer best?
  • Wouldn’t it feel great to be more toned?
  • Let’s put some muscle mass on your arms and legs!

We have a perfect solution! The Functional Bodybuilding Program will fit perfectly with your regular CrossFit classes. You will add or replace 1 or 2 sessions per week. Your muscles will grow. You will shape your body. Your clothes will fit better. You will feel like a superhero. 

The 6-week program will start on the 1st of June and includes:

  • Weekly group session at Medis every Tuesday 18:00 (6 sessions)
  • Weekly homework session that you will complete at Sickla or Medis according to special schedule
  • Alternative weekly homework session designed to be completed at home
  • Weekly virtual Q&A session
  • Private Facebook group for support from your Bodybuilding Buddies

The price of a body that would make a Michelangelo statues jealous is merrily 1200 kr. 

Book NOW to secure your spot. Send an email to NO REFUNDS!

Let the gains begin!